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Reshma (Vidya Balan) is running away from her house to Chennai, a day before her marriage. She is insulted by the casting director for being unattractive and useless after trying to get a role in a film. Determined to convince him she spontaneously grabs the role of a side dancer. However, she dances with whips and using erotic movements which annoys the film’s director, Abraham (Emraan Hashmi). He edits out Reshma’s entire dance sequence from the film. The film fails at the box office much to the dismay of the producer Selva Ganesh (Rajesh Sharma), who later offers Reshma a song in his upcoming film, and suggests that she now be referred to as “Silk”.

At the first shoot “Silk” dances with Suryakanth (Naseeruddin Shah ), her childhood idol. Silk seduces him by offering a long-term sexual relationship. Meanwhile, Abraham proposes a new film to Selva Ganesh and is keen to cast Suryakanth. However, Suryakanth’s suggestion of adding spice and sex to make the film more commercially viable angers Abraham. Silk goes on to do many more erotic and sensual films with Suryakanth. She gains many male fans and within a short span of time, becomes immensely rich and popular as the Southern sex star.

Suryakanth’s younger brother Ramakanth (Tusshar Kapoor) is an admirer of Silk and tries to befriend her. Silk is happy that someone finally likes her for who she is and not just for her body. At an awards ceremony Silk is praised for her performance, but is also insulted by Suryakanth who tells her that she is nothing but everyone’s “dirty secret”. Silk announces that she will continue to make her “dirty pictures”, and that she has no qualms in doing so. She spends more time with Ramakanth and sensing their affair as a sensational news, noted journalist Naila (Anju Mahendru) criticises Silk for dating both brothers. Suryakanth drops Silk from his forthcoming films, forcing her to work with small-time film makers. She loses interest in her work and begins to feel threatened by a younger aspiring actress, Shakeela. After a dance challenge she intentionally trips Shakeela, much to the embarrassment of Ramakanth who breaks up with her.

After being cheated twice in love and being rejected by her own mother, Silk turns to alcohol and chain smoking, and gains weight. Directors lose interest in casting her. Silk approaches Silva Ganesh with an offer to produce a film together. Ultimately, the audiences have lost interest to which her film bombs and she subsequently loses all her wealth and fame. On the other hand, Abraham directs a film which ultimately turns out to be a huge success, which convinces him that he has finally proven to Silk that his films do not need any sexual essence to be successful. Silk has accumulated so much debt that she approaches a small-time film maker. She is shocked to find that he wants her to do a porn film, but he intoxicates her with a drink and starts filming. The place is soon raided by the police but Silk, manages to escape in time. Despite this Abraham begins to fall for Silk, even though he at first denies it. He manages to trace Silk’s mother and wants to surprise Silk the next morning. That night when he calls Silk, she asks him to bid goodbye to everyone on her behalf as she is going to sleep. Abraham rushes to her house, finding her lying in bed dead from a sleeping pill overdose. In the end, Abraham’s narration ends that it is unknown whether Silk was right or wrong. It’s a mystery.

Directed by Milan Luthria
Produced by Ekta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor
Written by Rajat Aroraa
Starring Vidya Balan
Naseeruddin Shah
Tusshar Kapoor
Emraan Hashmi
Narrated by Emraan Hashmi
Music by Songs:
Background Score:
Sandeep Shirodkar
Cinematography Bobby Singh
Edited by Akiv Ali
Balaji Motion Pictures
Distributed by ALT Entertainment
Balaji Motion Pictures
Release dates

2 December 2011

Running time
144 minutes[1]
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget 180 million(US$2.6 million)
Box office 1.17 billion(US$17 million)(worldwide)
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