The Big Boss (1971) | Bruce Lee, Maria Yi, James Tien | Full Movie | HD1:39:42


Cheng Chao-an is a Chinese man from mainland China who moves to Thailand to live with his cousins and work in an ice factory. When a block of ice is accidentally broken, a bag of white powder falls out. Two of Cheng’s cousins pick up the bag, and are later asked to see the manager. The factory is really a front for a drug smuggling ring led by Hsiao Mi, also known as the Big Boss. When Cheng’s cousins refuse to cooperate, they are killed and their bodies disposed of.

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Hsu Chien (James Tien) and another cousin go to Hsiao’s house to find out what happened to the two cousins. When Hsiao claims he does not know what happened to them, Hsu suspects that Hsiao is hiding something and threatens to go to the police. Hsiao has the duo killed before they can leave the house. When the workers at the ice factory learn that Hsu is missing as well, they start to riot. To ease tensions, Hsiao makes Cheng a foreman, providing him with alcohol and prostitutes. Sun, one of the prostitutes, has sex with Cheng one night after he became drunk at Hsiao’s party, and she tells Cheng the truth. Immediately after Cheng leaves, Hsiao’s son, Hsiao Chiun, sneaks in and kills Sun by throwing a knife at her heart. Sun’s body is disposed of in the ice factory, just as Cheng’s cousins were. The next night, Cheng breaks into the factory and finds the bodies. However, he is discovered by the gangsters.

Cheng fights his way out, killing Hsiao Chiun and many gangsters in the process. He returns home to find that almost all of his family have been murdered, while Chiao Mei has gone missing. Cheng exacts revenge by killing Hsiao Mi in a final fight. Once he knows that Chiao Mei is safe, he surrenders to the Thai police when they arrive at Hsiao’s house.

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