Satyamev Jayate Season 2 | FULL Episode # 2 | Police – Subtitled1:10:26


The Indian police, critical for the healthy functioning of a democracy, has been long neglected. Criticism of the police force is commonplace. However, do we acknowledge just how vital a role the police play in our daily lives? While we celebrate festivals, they are out manning the streets. While we enjoy cricket matches, they are guarding the stadium. They are out there, engaged in long, gruellingbandobasts, each time there is the smallest security threat. Moreover, constables, who make up a majority of the force, work long hours for poor pay and have marginal or no growth prospects.

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Down the decades, attempts to introduce reform, much needed to protect the police from political interference and enhance efficiency, have been thwarted or ignored by state governments.

Satyamev Jayate highlights some of the critical issues faced by the police machinery today. We, as a nation, need to get rid of a ruler’s police force and demand a people’s police force, and this can only be possible with due reform.


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