Saaransh (1984) | Rohini Hattangadi, Anupam Kher, Soni Razdan | Full Movie2:11:14


Saaransh is a story of an old Maharashtrian couple living in Shivaji Park, Mumbai, coming to terms with the death of their only son who is killed in a mugging in New York. Devastated, former headmaster B.V. Pradhan and his wife, Parvati, grieve.

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With their son dead, there is no income coming in, so they rent out a room in their Shivaji Park (Mumbai) apartment to a budding Bollywood actress, Sujata Suman (Soni Razdan), who has been having an affair with Vilas (Madan Jain), the only son of a politician: Gajanan Chitre (Nilu Phule). Vilas cannot tell his father that he is in love and would like to marry Sujata; he puts off marriage plans. They get intimate and, as a result, Sujata gets pregnant. When Pradhan finds out, he offers to take Sujata to meet Gajanan with the hope that he will permit her to become his daughter-in-law.

Gajanan refuses and threatens them: He warns them of dire consequences if Sujata does not abort the child and moves away to another town. Pradhan refuses to let Sujata out of his house. This begins the stalking and harassment by Gajanen’s men. Pradhan goes to file a police complaint but is told that the police cannot even touch Gajanan’s men. Sujata has no choice but to continue to seek shelter with Pradhan and Parvati. Sujata does not know that they have a secret agenda of their own in keeping her in their sight.

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