Crime Patrol – क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क – Dasi – Episode 610 – 23rd January, 201642:40


Today’s case is about one of the cruel tradition of rural India. The tradition of marrying god. The tradition of becoming Prabhu Daasi. It is the story of girl Meena, Who got married at the age of 6. Meena a girl with different thinking, a girl who dreamed about her better future was also got traped in this creepy tradition, where the girl has to sleep with different different men without marriage. Just for the sake of pratha. Like all others Arjun also came to Meena for the same reason but he showed a good heart to Meena and gave her light of freedom. Did Arjun really helped Meena? Stay tuned in and watch full episode to know more.

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