A Sublime Love Story: Barsaat (2005) | Bobby Deol, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra | HD2:19:36


Arav (Bobby Deol) is an ambitious young Indian whose dream is to design cars. He travels to the United States seeking greener pastures, where he meets the beautiful Anna (Bipasha Basu). Anna instantly goes head over heels for Arav, but Arav remains focused on his career. Over time, he mellows and the two fall in love. Moreover, Arav’s ambitions go on the upswing as the chairman of the BMW company in the U.S. (Shakti Kapoor) gives him a job as a designer.

Coincidentally, the BMW chairman happens to be Anna’s grandfather, and he announces the impending nuptials of Arav and Anna.

As this development unfolds, Arav realizes that he has some matters to tend to back in India. He returns there intent on securing a divorce from his childhood sweetheart-turned-wife, Kajal (Priyanka Chopra), whom he had been forced to marry by his parents. However, Kajal is not so yielding. Kajal tries her level best to somehow win Arav back however her efforts fail as Arav forces her to sign the divorce papers and submits them to his lawyer. Feeling guilty because of breaking Kajal’s heart Arav spends time with her and tries to help her out and it is here where he starts feeling attraction towards her. Meanwhile Anna arrives in India in order to marry Arav. Arav introduces her to Kajal who decides that she will attend Arav’s wedding in order to give her love a proper “funeral” Kajal also agrees to dress Anna up for the wedding. The wedding proceeds and Kajal flees the wedding premises unable to bear the sight of Arav getting married. However Arav’s lawyer interrupts the wedding and informs him that he is not divorced yet because he forgot to sign the divorce papers himself. Arav then realises that he loves Kajal and Anna sensing this tells him to go back to Kajal. Arav leaves the wedding premises and finds Kajal in the place where they used to play when they were kids, Arav tells Kajal that he loved her the whole time he just didn’t realise it. They get back together.

Directed by Suneel Darshan
Produced by Suneel Darshan
Written by Suneel Darshan
Robin Bhatt
Shyam Goel
Rumi Jaffery
K.K. Singh
Starring Bobby Deol
Priyanka Chopra
Bipasha Basu
Music by Nadeem-Shravan
Cinematography W.B. Rao
Edited by Sanjay Sankla
Distributed by Shree Krishna International
Release dates

19 August 2005

Running time
144 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget Rs. 12 crores


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